Noding a really large open area?

Hello guys!

I’m sort of in onslaught maps at the moment but I ever get stuck when it comes to the point of noding the maps, making the AI intelligent!

When i got a fairely wide open map, lets say something like freespace, how do I node it correctly, i mean only laying a net of nodes over it opens two problems:

  • Node limit

I’ve got no clue how to node a map like that, the tutorials only say: “Open areas don’t need a high density of nodes…” oh well thank you -.-
Yet another small question, is there a way to extend the maximum squad size?
If no, is there a way to generally set the relationship between Combines and Zombies/Antlions to friendly? (It says classname, whats the classname for Combines or Antlions?!)

Thanks in advance!

  1. Don’t put nodes all over the large open areas.
  2. ai_relationship
    classname would be like npc_zombie or npc_combine_s ect…

Thanks for the relationship thing, that’s what I needed!

Yeah I know that I shouldn’t do that, but how should I node it then?
Just imagine a large flat area, how would you node it?

Put it where npc’s will use to walk, thats how nodes work. Generally in large open areas should have nodes about 1024-2048 units away from each other.