Noding an assault map properly

Hey guys!

I am currently working on an assault/defence map.
The players start in a great “L” shaped hall with 3 entrances, their goal is to defend the hall against serveral waves of combine soldiers and zombies.

No i got a problem with noding the whole stuff, atm I got a simple net over the map consiting of ground nodes with a distance of 386 between the nodes. I dont believe this is a very effective way, beside that it looks like shit when the combines walking like lined up.

So what is the best way to make it look more randomly how they walk, and how do I put pressure on the entrances and make them attacking the players effectively?
Is there a way to increse the accuracy and the health of the soldiers?

“SetMaxHealth” wont work on the template used for the npc_maker…

I appreciate your help!

I’d also accept if someone would node the map for me, never really worked with npcs… :smiley: