noir horror adventure writer caught in washington villa firing back at cops

I didn’t know sam fisher wrote.

do you have any links to his works

“he slowly opened the door MY DAUGHTER IS DEAD and he saw that his friend was NO SHE ISN’TTTTTTT hanging from the ceiling and that the EMP BOMBS FUCK THAT SHIIIIIT”

The man ventures forth in to the infinite playground of destruction. The atmosphere is beautiful: miles upon miles of rolling hills; a forest of oak and pine topping each. The man continued the hiker’s trail and split off from the road to greet the rest area. A concrete slab was lain out on the ground with a bench and railing, a cliff cut and no trees below, allowing a perfect view of the area. The man breathed in a whisp of chilly air, tightened his coat and checked his watch. 12:06. He was late. He looked around, and no-one was there to greet him.

He waited.

Suddenly a round struck him in the back of the head, tumbling and rolling through his cracked skull, mashing his brains in to shredded chicken that vaulted out of the exit wound that potholed open through his face, splitting his nose and tearing his eyes from their sockets. A mixture of pink brain matter and oxygen-rich blood gushed from the new orifice and a loud “pak!” made sound seconds later.

tom clancy writing method disproved

Make the blood darker, I thought it was fuzz at first.

Bloody 3D glasses aren’t working.

I have a pair of MasterImage 3D specs. I don’t think making it narrow would work.

Great use of the muzzleflash. Glad somebody knows how to use them… cool angle too.

Blood impact looks really weird though. And that police car’s light would be more blue than white.

Sweet muzzleflash and motion-blur. Lovely lighting too.

The camera angle is really good, but leaves the right of the picture fairly empty.

The blood is cool but the impact looks pretty excessive for a 9mm.