Shitty retro movie poster version :

jesus christ the guy in the back’s face
the shadow feels kind of weird imo

it’s kind of jaggy and the chromatic aberration could be better

i think there’s a problem with that model’s dynamic shadows, those suit models have looked weird for a while

Chromab is way too strong in this case.

This is neat. It’s good to see you doing something other then soldiers doing soldier things.

The hard shadows on the face are a great noire touch.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the lack of decent 1940’s/1950’s models, I would do this kind of stuff all the time. If I hadn’t found Cole Phelp’s detective suit textures from L.A. Noire and reskinned Taggart’s suit citizens, I would probably have never done this pic.

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there isn’t, the problem here is the face texture being utter shit and having no depth thanks to the lack of normal maps and other modern shaders

You should’ve used other face models to be honest though. Magnusson’s face would be better here actually, simply deflate the current hl2 head with the inflator and insert magnusson’s face with the no collide tool if you want to keep the suit.