Nomad and Cammy

It’s been a while i don’t post images here so i may start with this

This is actually pretty damn good did you use any editing what so ever? :smiley:

Neat crossover.

I have no idea how this is supposed to look “pretty damn good”, it looks pretty damn mediocre to me.

Why? Because I feel like you didn’t put much work into it.
I can see clearly that you didn’t feel like posing their lower bodies, which is still visible on the Crysis guy.
The left arm posing sucks, the gun is clipping on Cammy’s right elbow and actually her whole body looks pretty akward. I have no idea why you decided to create a thread for this.

most of the time i use photoshop and gimp but this time i used only the in-game post proccesing effects on this image, i was very lucky that the map has some good lighting

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the nanosuit model physics are probably even worse than the normal tf2 models a real pain in the ass
the cammy model i tried to resize the weapon but didn’t fit so well

yeah you should’ve made use of it

Can you tell me where you got that skin to the nanosuit model?

i don’t remember where i got it but just type crysis on the search on

I already did that and couldn’t find that skin. found it

you were right those models from they look horrible