Nomad Migration

I had an amazing amount of fun setting this up, Just a shame the maps textures are so repetitive.

EDIT: Removed Bonus as Hell is refusing to stop being an ass over it on MSN

that’s pretty effin cool m8

Looks fucking awesome, altho I would love it even more if it was a little bigger (the pic looks small, maybe you cropped wasted space when you could just zoom the camera)

And for desert themed pics you could use GM_tajaarama(or something like that, its on the maps releases), its a great desert map.

My zoom doesn’t work. It broke a while ago.

Added a bonus too

Watermark is pretty useless. And the blurr is really odd in some places.

Haha!, You would say that :smiley:

Also alot of empty space in the “Bonus” shot. Work on your sets more, and return when you are experienced. Also rated you wood.

Your zoom broke? damn :C

They are still nice unzoomed, hope you get your zoom fixed tho.

Just found out I had also reduced my aspect ratio by mistake haha, I thought my window looked small!

I like all the stuff on the creature. Makes it look kinda cute.

Nice use of models. Original and well executed.

looks good, but shading and a darker atmosphere would make this picture perfect