Nomad's creative uses of the surrounding fauna

I dunno, I just had to use this ragdoll first. Took like 2 mins.

HAHAHAHA! well played Nomad!
Funny for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d get inside the shell.

Oh my god I laughed. I loved those turtles :3

imageshack - taking 5 hours to load a pic.

Seriously. I can’t comment on the pic cause of imageshack being so slow.

Loaded fine for me.

Do what uberslug suggested, put nomad inside the turtle using no collide while having his head stick out

Well its not as creative as me strapping c4 to turtles and throwing them at people, but its funny.

Need some bullets ricocheting off the turtle :fuckyou:

I wanted to, but could’nt find a cheap easy way to do it.