NoMoreBull DarkRP - Temporarily Downtownv2

My main goal in creating this server was to get rid of all the extra shit and bring DarkRP back down to a more manageable level.

The only addons we have:
2 custom classes - Thief and Civil Protection Chief
ULX Admin Mod

**Q: So, why don’t you have Wire/PHX/Durgz/Cockslap3000/etc.?

**A: Honestly, all that those things do is turn the server into a clusterfuck, especially the latter. Wire and PHX are BUILDING utilities. In my opinion, Wire is good for signs in RP, and that’s about it. As far as Durgz Mod goes, it’s fun and all, but really, what do Drug Dealers end up accomplishing in the end? Though, I am considering inserting a possible Bartender class, but I probably will not, to keep simplicity.

**Q: Why are you “temporarily” on Downtown v2?

**A: Because, we have absolutely NO players. We’ll use Downtown as a way to build a community of regulars (hopefully), then we’ll consult the regulars on what map to switch to.

**Q: NoMoreBull DarkRP? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Hurr!

**A: You obviously don’t understand that, when managed and moderated correctly, DarkRP is a very enjoyable game mode. Now, eventually I may learn lua and some changes may be made, but for now, DarkRP it is.

So, the information:

Name: NoMoreBull Serious RP

Also, as for the “Serious” in the name, I’d like to make a note. I hate that word as far as RP goes. I’d like to say “Semi-Serious”, but I’m afraid that would attract nothing but idiots.

**I am always open to and appreciate suggestions and criticisms! **

Fuck yes, nothing more than default stuff!, nice job.

Seems interesting, may drop by when the server has a few

Very Fun server, nice admins so far.

I give it a 10/10

btw: im Eric Glustrom in game

Server will be back up in the morning.

cant wait :smiley:

Server’s back up, hopefully fixed some ping issues.

Okay, it’ll be up from now till tonight


Oh my god, that Alley deal went horribly.

our awesome take down the mayor plan failed in 30 seconds then you ran away D:

Aw, it’s in America :saddowns: . I’ll have a look when it’s back up, see if it’s too laggy. If not, I plan to be a medic :buddy:
Can we build prop houses?

I wasn’t getting killed.

And yeah, prop houses are cool, but you have to pay for props, which I guess is like buying a house or furniture or something.

The server will be back up in the morning.

Its DarkRP, therefore it is not serious.

Blame the players, not the gamemode.

Did you not read the OP?


I would name it “Unserious” based on the games so far, but that would attract more 9 year olds than “Serious” would.

What’s wrong with Downtown? :saddowns:

It’s a great map, don’t get me wrong, but it’s as over used as the word “fail”.

Well I haven’t played a DarkRP in a shit ton long time, mainly cause of the excessive addons… But I will try to join whenever it is next up.

What map do you plan to go to after Downtown? C18 isn’t that bad of a DarkRP map.

I actually remember people joining one of my old servers more frequently on C18 or any other map then downtown or evo.

But yeah, as of 4/13 - 11:48 pm EDT… Server is offline so.

Damn, all the good servers become offline so quickly. Is this server still down? I game tracked it and it says the server’s down, but I don’t know if that’s right.

It came up once since my last post…

That’s all I’ve noticed.