Non-admins can spawn weapons and entities

Help! Even though I’ve disabled the option in the admin menu and tried manually doing it in the file non admin’s can spawn entities and weapons from the spawnmenu in dark rp! Is there an addon that can fix this? Also I’m using assmod 2.20 would that have anything to do with it?

wrong place, du-oh!
but if i am not wrong, you need to configure the admin lists in the assmod files.

What do you mean, configure the admin list? Can you give me a file name?


Oh btw, this is for DARKRP

-Bump- Someone help me with this please! I want to block spawning sweps and entities from the spawnmenu, so players have to buy them.

I reinstalled dark rp, i reinstalled assmod, neither stopped it from letting everyone spawn sweps!

Ok, go into the folder of whatever entitie or Swep they’re spawning, open their shared.lua and look for this.

SWEP.Spawnable 			= true
SWEP.AdminSpawnable 		= true

Change “SWEP.Spawnable = true” to “SWEP.Spawnable = false”.

That will fix your problem.