Non DarkRP Game Modes?

Are there any GOOD non DarkRP game modes out there? Seems like minges are attracted to DarkRP for some reason. LightRP is… well, not as complete as I’d like, and GmodRP just sucks.


RP Gamemodes.

Elaborate next time then.


Also there’s Taco’n Banana if you like that sort of thing.

I figured since all I was mentioning was RP, people would pick up on that…

Any major differences with this one?

It’s super serious HL2 RP.

The Metrocops’s names are like M-E357N

Heh wow… I didn’t see a download for it on though… Or is there not one…

Gotta go to the site (i forget it) And it just gives you the modelsof some of the props and more important people (Administrator,Certain Combine and leaders and whatnot.) and the weapons and stuff. just redirects to which is offline.


You could always go in game and look. :smiley: its almost always in the top 10 servers with the highest players. cant miss it.

Um… There’s no download link there. I’m talking about a gamemode I can run off of my own servers.

Code your own Faze… jeez.

Because I have months to devote to that, ok.

There aren’t many good released RP gamemodes. Every single one that gets released gets butchered by beginner scripters with admin guns and then slapped on their server to cause chaos. Plus, most seem to be owned by kids and those aren’t supervised very well.

Best advice I can give you is go play on a server with a private RP gamemode. I personally liked the days of LightRP because it wasn’t completely tricked out like DarkRP is. But at this point, there aren’t many good RP games. Namely because of the less-than-adequate servers that populate our browser.

But hey, you don’t need to take my word for it. I’m an old-school RP’er from the days when LightRP was the hip-new-thing and didn’t totally suck. I guess I’m an RP hippie. :cthulhu:

GmodRP doesn’t suck. It’s serious rp, without the minges.

About TnB, here’s the IP:

Forums are offline because an admin got hacked and fucked it up :expressionless:
You could always try LiF (Live in Fear), they got some good Fallout RP, though noone’s on the server atm :<

DarkRP and GMODRP Alternatives:
Repairing Tacoscript
Repairing Cakescript
Repairing Lemonadescript
Repairing Zonescript Alpha
Using Cider (laggy as hell, and quite annoying to play)
Taking a way (like before philxyz) old version of DarkRP and cleaning it up
Coding your own gamemode
Hiring people to code a gamemode
Deciding that an RP server isn’t something you want to have

Creating your own gamemode is probably the best option. Warning: It is a very time consuming process but the results can be amazing.

Theres that STALKER SRP gamemode. It’s good concept, but the admins are minges.

I tried having that once on a server, no one liked it.

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