Non-Facepunch related forums

I’d love to see discussion forums being opened up when it comes to non-FP content, general programming/coding discussion boards, post your pets threads etc. Basically a place for everything not related to FP to be posted.

I wanted to post a bit of Unity development process but I realised there is no place for it right now.


I think having non-game areas will just devolve these fourms back into the old fourms. Why not just use knockout instead?


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I don’t want to use knockout. I want to make Facepunch forums the main place I post in.

I opted out of using Knockout, because I’d much rather have no forums at all than to be forced to use Knockout, lol.


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Garry’s spoken about this already over on knockout

Man you guys fucking hate me eh… I want to clear a few things up.

Our forums started off as a forum for Garry’s Mod. They got quite large because of that. We made general sections and people joined for Garry’s Mod and drifted into the general forums. This is how our community grew.

People often talk shit about me, saying I was an asshole because I banned people so much. I seriously think was part of the appeal to people too. Other forums at the time were that desperate for members that they treated them like eggs. Soft warnings, Medium warning, Hard warnings. We just banned people for a while. That was the punishment. As much as people talk shit about it now, like it was a power trip, it was why our forum wasn’t as full of idiot posts as most forums of the time. People were scared to post - which meant that they put thought into it. I’m not saying it was the right way to go about things now - but it was then.

The problem was that over the last 5 or so years I didn’t have time for the forums. I didn’t post in them, I didn’t read them, I didn’t visit them. I tried a bunch of times to convert the forums to something I could be interested in, and it pretty much always met résistance and I lost confidence in it, and ultimately never made it work.

So then the idea of moving the community to here came about. A community run forum, where the community could look after itself. It could grow in any direction it wanted without me being any kind of bottleneck. I wouldn’t have the guilt of neglecting it anymore. I wouldn’t have the guilt of killing the community, it’d just be transplanted into another place.

One of my biggest regrets is not preserving an archive of the old threads and posts. We couldn’t hand them over to you guys because of the data protection laws. Keeping them around would mean we’d need to code and maintain a whole mechanism to delete threads and posts upon user requests. This meant that it couldn’t be a static site, we’d need to maintain a database copy somehow. That means running a database with everything in - which is pretty much akin to running the forum anyway. In retrospect it doesn’t seem like that much of an issue - but at the time it seemed like more trouble than it’s worth. But like I say, I wish I’d made other logical decisions around that now instead of focusing on the legalities.

So yes, I’ve started looking at forums for our games again. I’m avoiding having general forums in the hope that when people get bored of the games they just leave the forums. I’m not coding it myself, I’m going for the east option of using discourse - so it’s not going to have all the cool custom stuff KO has.

I know a lot of this is already known and probably changes nothing, but I felt like you all deserve an explanation anyway.

This would go against the whole point of these forums. It’s meant to be a place for us to keep track of things relating to the game and for you to see progress on the game.

A general waywo would be nice but even that is pushing it.


That is fair, bit less of a community bonding opportunities but perhaps that is the reason why old Facepunch forums were a mess, too many polarized opinions caused drama, I guess. who the fuck thought that creating a politics thread in the old FP forums was a good idea?

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Yeah, personally I think building a community forum is a super outdated idea. We now have discord which is better suited for online communities if that’s your thing. I think the goal is to use this forum as a resource, for both us and the users.


the old forums were golden, I dont see how building a community through a forum is an outdated idea, object permanence isn’t needed just for resources or keeping track of games, instead I think it plays a big role in community formation as every topic gets added to a big archive that’s just a couple of pages to the right

I get that @garry might have different intentions for these forums, which is fine - but I predict most of us will be confused about what these intentions are - we’re already comparing this to the old forums. It’d be nice if we were explicitly told what to expect, specifically what “Lets not let these turn into the old forums.” means

e: just saw garry’s post on knockout which explains some things

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I think personally it up to personal preference, alot of people like having general discussions kept on discord and other mediums and alot of people like to have non game related discussions on forums.

I grew up having things on forums and communicating with members through forums, long before discord, reddit and other things popped up so it will always have a special place in my heart.

I know Garry spoke already regarding his position on this, but I quite like the idea of having a section for general topics, I think its a fun way to engage with the community and it brings people together.

Of course there’s knockout community and well I just feel I don’t belong there. Since this forum is quite new I have time to get to know people and I don’t feel judged because of it.

Just my little opinion and not that it matters to anyone.

Honestly, things are quite different between discord & forums - I don’t know how to explain it, but discord is better for a quick conversation, whatever you type in the chat you know it’ll get buried there by tomorrow. Meanwhile, in a thread, there’s… how to explain, longevity?

Like you can notice here, we’re having long paragraphs discussing and presenting our arguments for and against the suggestion. The messages aren’t as instant as discord, therefore people do tend to put a little bit more effort into them. They also seem more personal, to me, at least.

Having a long discussion just isn’t feasible on discord, IMO. Maybe with discord threads in the future.


I agree with your statement, the discussions on forums are much more organized and well structured compared to the quick one word replies on discord. I find information easier to consume instead of browsing through loads of one to 4 word comments.


I’ve long missed the format of forum posting. While I don’t think Garry (or whoever is developing these forums) plans on adding non-game-related sections, I would enjoy it. If I understand correctly, though, they do not intend to recreate the old forums unfortunately.


Discord is a glorified chatbox and nobody really pays attention to who writes what, but I can respect FP opinion to keep these forums simple. They have one purpose and they are doing just fine by doing only that one purpose.

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This is why I couldn’t stand Knockout after a while and would much prefer a “reborn” Facepunch forums that maintains only discussions related to Facepunch games. It got extremely bad on Knockout if you dare have a differing opinion than the majority, very echo-chambery, and this was not even limited to only politics. It mostly just turned into (mostly American) people egging eachother on to advocate for violence and extremism.

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That’s a pretty damn strong claim, source?

I see things like this happening in politics easily, because people are very heated and passionate about it. It’s both ends of the spectrum. But people get BANNED for advocating violence almost instantly, and they certainly don’t push people to start shooting up places or extremism? I’ve never encountered it.

Either way it definitely further proves the point that this forum should stay as ONLY a forum about all FP related things. You practically remove the the potential of “advocating for violence” unless it’s getting angry at your own code for not working. Or people getting angry at INSERT DEV HERE for INSERT BUG HERE


Would it at least be possible to have a subforum related to working in FP games? The old forums were well known for having a ton of Source Engine mapping knowledge and tutorials from its 14 years of existence? Why not host the same for Source 2, considering this will be the home base for S&box?

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