Non - Gmod Content on

i would like to bring a urgent matter to the attention of the facepunch admins users by th names of KittyCatTwo KittyCat and snakedog have violated the gudlines of by uploading none garrys mod content on to the website in this case user made farcry 2 maps that does not belong on the website the users in question have been told this but have chosen to ignore this fact

thank you for taking your time to reading this

the links to the maps are here for reference

i agree with dan1989 i’ve download some of the farcry two stuff thinking it was content for garrysmod. can one of the admins remove this none gmod content?

There’s a reason why the report button isn’t on they admins don’t want to deal with it anymore, so reporting it on the forums isn’t going to make things better. it’s not hurting anyone that they’re there, it’s not really up to you whether they should be there or not. just sayin.

If that was possible in Source I would jizz.


Anyway, I like to think of as more of a file hosting website. I only tend to download stuff from there when it’s been linked to from the official thread of that map/addon/whatever.

Ya i agree because if you download and put in garrysmod folders and it doesnt work, its just retarded. and people think its FROM a game but its for gmod.

It is.

I have seen someone using as a personal filehosting service of some sort before. A kid uploaded his homework in a zip file named “DO NOT DOWNLOAD ME PLS!!!” with the descriptions of “I don’t know how to send this file to my other comptuers at school pls dont download it thx”

shit i thought i said dont download


It’s actually a took you can download. When props explode, it epicly launches them into the air, leaving smoke and flame trails behind it. Here’s a download.

If you’ve got Portal, try doing it with GLaDOS.

What a tatter tail!