Non-Half-Life 2 Zombies?

I hope this is in the right board…

I’m fully aware that the Infected and Special Infected zombies from both L4D games are available as ragdolls, but has anyone ever considered making SNPCs of them? Fighting Antlions and Headcrab zombies is fun, but I’m itching for a bit of a change. I would play L4D2 right now, but because it ruined my crappy laptop, the closest I can get to is using L4D2 sweps on headcrab zombies and antlions. I think we could use a bit of zombie killing variety, so to speak. Anyone agree?

not sure, there’s a lot of things in l4d2’s modified source that gmod’s version can’t handle as far as animations go. they’d need new animations. i’m not sure, but i think this is only for common infected. and then again, i’m not sure how zombies that require other players to rescue you when they catch you would be toned down. cause i think only the specials have anims that seem alright in the gmod source engine

Hm, yeah, good point. Hadn’t though about that.

Why not just get the running zombies? I mean they’re in a variety of forms and packs and are pretty much like the L4D2 common infected attack and movement wise.

Hadn’t really thought of that either.

Boy, this was dumb of me, wasn’t it? Ah well, I don’t know shit about scripting anyway; you live and learn.