Non-laggy Left 4 dead zombies?

I was hoping anyone here could direct me to where I could get some common zombies from left 4 dead that don’t lag the fuck out of my computer. I had to have them before so I know there are out there but cant seem to find them anymore.

Thanks in advance.

Hope these zombified citizens help you.

I think someone said to use gm_mount instead of downloading the pack off

As I recall, that’s got something to do with the model’s physics.

There should be one male common infected that doesn’t lag you. Find out which one that is, then go to its .phys file.

Copy and rename it to overwrite all the other .phys files for the commons.

It was a long time ago, but I’m pretty sure that’s the old-fashioned way to fix it. What us oldtimers had to do back when we didn’t have no fancy gm_mount.