Non new spawn friendly game.

First off, I spent my first 2 hours getting destroyed by veterans. I didn’t even know what to do until I looked over the internet to figure at stuff. Finally, when I did, i still got destroyed, because there is NO penalty for high level players spawnkilling new spawns. So, to fix this, add an option that lets players go friendly, and not be able to get shot. This would take some tweaking, so that when players would not just go friendly to scout other player’s bases.

Another option, is remove all powerful weapons from the game. We’re in a wasteland, but people can pull m16s out of there asses. Remove all guns, and make it based around swords, bows, and maybe even crossbows. Explosives should also be removed as well, and players can break open doors with hammers and stuff.

All this could make for a new spawn friendly environment, thanks for reading!

this isnt minecraft lol. you want rust to have bows and swords only…

You’re first point about new spawn invincibility will never happen, it just defeats the purpose of the game. You’re 2nd point though is actually somewhat in the works. While they won’t remove high tier guns all together, most of them will be reworked and will be much MUCH harder to get.

They are removing or heightening the research time on the military weaponry.

Going friendly/unfriendly would have to have a massive cooldown timer on it, and a lot of people would hate it severely, as you just farm up until you are over the top and then fight when it suits you. This leads to extremely passive and defensive play regardless of tweaks, if you want to play friendly play on a PvE server.

Now for the obligatory “this game is only 10% done and is still in alpha stage of development, give it time to expand.”

That’ll be abused just as bad as any spawn protection.

Get out of your fairytale world. Guns are easily manufactured, and so is ammo. I would like you to actually do some time to read up on this this website by P.A Luty. It has several books regarding the craft of ammo and firearms.

This game isn’t meant to be friendly, it’s meant to be survival, and you can survive when friendly, but that requires you to make friends with people, or join a town/settlement with other players banding together to defend against raiders.

Yeah this game is all about survival, and getting raped in spawn.

Actually that’s what the developers intended.

i think there should be a bounty on players how kill too many newbeis

there are alot of servers with money so you can buy supply signal and stuff so the should make a a bounty every time you kill someone the bounty goes up .

Im aware that players can put bounty on other players but its not the same thing

Find a modded server with alot of mods on it mush easier to get started and learn how to aim in this game go to a Death match server where you spawn with guns and just try to learn how to shot.

e after you build a huge hous and have all BP there is no point in playing all you do is kill other players .

Also try to team up with people dont be a dick and if you get killed dont whine and talk shit be nice and ask if you can get back your stuff .

Have you met people int his game? They’re all huge dicks.

you just need to find a good server , i play this game and i help out as many people as i can

i even have chest full off reacher kits, leather armor and i help out by helping them build a house .
this is what i do when someone needs help other players have given me kevlar and bunch of other stuff to get me started so no everyone is not a dick.

And if its veterans how are doing that to new spawn i would teleport to the victim and he could point me to them and ill kill them all .

also if this keep happening to you there are servers that offer pack if you donate to there servers the give you un raideble houses and shit like that .

when i joined a server i payed 40$ for a unraidble house and bunch of goodies .

(also i really enjoyed the server and wanted to contribute to it)

Play on PVE or PVE/limited PVP rules server. Problem solved. /thread

I feel like you’re over exaggerating on spawn camping. Generally you want to hit the ground running and find as many resources as you can so you can build a decent home. You’re going to get raided no matter what though unless you have people watching your base 24/7 and you’re going to die a lot in this game. That’s just the nature of this game. If you don’t want to lose your stuff, don’t go out with it or make lots of copies of it.

Also, this is an alpha and there are going to be improvements and balancing down the line, but getting butt hurt about guns isn’t going to solve anything and taking ganking and griefing from players seriously is silly.

I have never got spawn raped. Try to go on a PVE server to get a feel of rust or a low populated server.

don’t play on official servers

exactly…sounds like you need a low pop server like mine with starter kits and a good community…

i suggest you change server, i never got spawn killed to be honest, and i have 100 hours in the game, the only “spawn kill” is when i respawn at my sleeping bag

and yeah, never play on the official servers, find a good community one

Rust isn’t about making you safe.

It’s about challenging you and giving you the tools to have a fighting chance. The game is still unfinished so some of these tools are missing or broken, and balance doesn’t so much exist in the current version of the game as it is an item on the to-do list, but this will change in the future.