Non pay 2 win donations ideas?

Hi guys I’ve been tryna think of a non pay 2 win way to encourage donations on my server and was wondering if you guys had any possible ideas I could use?

Things I have so far are:
A teamspeak channel for monthly donations
A small amount of darkrp cash
A level boost
Users can edit their titles on the scoreboard
Aritz 1% higher intrerest bank account
A forum tag

Things I don’t want to do:
Donating for influence
Donating for staff
Donating for donator only content I.e VIP jobs
Custom jobs (the only thing I get offered a donation for but screw that non sense)

You guys got any ideas for me?

What worked for us was a second currency that could only be received in events and as a reward for donating.
In-game or on your website you add a shop where that currency can be spent. Then you add only cosmetic items to that shop like:

  • hats
  • clothing
  • skins for cars in your game
    We had more but I forgot what.

Fun thing is that people start comparing currencies and market in game items and cash for the more valuable 2nd currency items.

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Allowing players to trade the 2nd currency in game will also generate more donations in the form of people paying for others to get whatever they want in game.

Thanks for your suggestion i’ll defiantly look into this stuff, I like the idea and im not sure if pointshop 2 would help speed up the process, This however sounds like a very good idea the type of thing im looking for It’s gonna take a while but im going to look into this, thanks again

Pointshop could serve as a base yes, but I would advise to completely customizing the look of the shop and name of it to enhance the feeling of uniqueness and luxury.
Make sure you market the idea and it’s features on your community forums as well. Hype it up, act professional, make shit gold while ur at it, ain’t nothing like a golden dildo skin for an ingame baseball bat swep.

Cosmetics are your best bet.
Or maybe different skins or models

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Pro-Admin is your best bet too :smug: