Non PvP Server gone Forever?

Hey Guys.

I was looking around but dont find a Thread. Is the Non PvP Server down forever or what they decide to do with it?

LG Arkoni

servers down

Ok what’s the big deal with this “Non PvP” server? is it just a sandbox without player damage?

Not a sandbox, just no one can attack someone else


I guess it doesn’t apply to zombies

Is it any fun? I thought the whole fun in Rust was the chance of dying from a player controlled character at any second!

Well i would play PVE servers to learn things. Since in PVP Servers people always kill you, you have to know what your doing. Like, build fast and get a base together. In PVE servers you don’t have to worry about people, so you can take your time and learn.

It is a good server to start the game if you are new. And you more likely have cilvilized conversations on it, kind of.

Not really fun with squads of people with op kevlar and m4s running around kosing.