Non-PVP servers

So far the game has been a pretty decent escape from the norm when it comes to zombie survival. There are a couple really BIG issues currently with the Non-pvp servers. Before I get into that this will be in reference to the official non-pvp servers.

1)Being murdered in your sleep.
-It completely detracts away from the non-pvp aspect when you are able to be murdered while you are logged off. This also creates a culture where a player can not just log off and perpetually requires them to be online. Over the long run this will be a game breaker for most people. My suggestion to fix this would be to either remove players from the world when they log off and make them 100% invulnerable on the non-pvp server while they are logged off.

2)Building a structure to simply grief another player.
-I have seen people literally break down doors and put up their own door to a structure they simply did not own just to grief another player. The foundations you build upon should not allow other players to build upon it unless they destroy and put up their own.

3)Some sort of reporting feature for players.
-This option needs to be made available asap. I understand its still in alpha however there are some extremely toxic players out there already. Something about purposely bugging through walls, dropping racial slurs, glorifying rape.

  1. Server resets.
    -Please give us some sort of warning/heads up as to when you guys will be doing that. That way we can go to the middle of nowhere and not be naked when we log back in.

All in all, I feel there is no purpose to progress in this game in a non-pvp server. There are so many issues that progression of any type is levied by your ability to stay online 24/7 and get punished if you log off. That is not a game. That is like having to work a 12 hour shift then come home to an annoying wife that wants foot rubs as you feel all the corns on her little toes.