Non-PvP Servers?

Is this currently a thing? I have fun playing the game and I’m not against PvP in the game at all, but I’m just curious as to if there’s servers/communities out there that take a bit more laid back approach or a PvM kind of approach for the game without any PvP? At this moment, I prefer the game without dabbling in PvP. Does anyone know if servers have such ways of playing on their server and is it something popular, the no PvP thing but something else?


Do a server search for PvE, there are several.

PvE servers are simply grinding ressources and fighting buggy animals sometimes if i got that right

There are a lot of PvE servers. Some are strictly PvE. Some allow PvP only in rad towns and air drops. Others allow PvP, but not raiding. They’re out there if you search for them.

That said, PvE only is really boring atm. There’s really not a lot to do unless all you want to do is farm and build. If that’s the case, I would say find a modded PvE server with 25x gather and insta-crafting so you can get on with building without having to worry about too much farming.