Non-removable floating TF2 cosmetics after reloading save

I will try to make this brief so I don’t smack people whom read this with a wall of text, I was working on a scene for a screenshot involving TF2 characters and such which I have put a large sum of work into, though it was getting late whilst I was working on the finishing touches so I decided to save and quit for not to finish up the work the next day… Upon loading it up all the ragdolls were in their standing pose, nothing too different there, I just walked into them all and they went back to their actual poses with no problems… except for an engineer whom was wearing cosmetics. He went back into his pose but his cosmetics were floating behind him in a laying down position, I couldn’t get them back into place so I delete the engineer to see if they would go away, they stayed there. He is the key part of my image I’m making and now there are floating cosmetics blocking things in the shot I can’t get rid of or even move. Does anyone know of a way to fix this issue, because I have spent careful hours posing and placing everything and have already deleted one of my earlier saves before I placed the engineer.

(If this issue isn’t meant to be asked of here or asked on this site at all then I apologize for this, I am still fairly new with Facepunch and have not fully gathered where to post what yet.)

Sorry, but please paragraph this… I read about 3 words and got a headache.

Do you have TF2 content mounted?