Non-solid Un-grabbable Weapons? (CS:S)

Well, I’m making a surfing map and I wanted to put un-grabbable non-solid weapons in places to kind of tease the players, but I’m really not sure how? I tried using a prop_static but then the gun just wont show up when ingame. Could someone please shine some light on this?

Couldn’t find a specific section for this so I posted here

prop_physics_override with motion disabled (in the flags) and solidity disabled.

Thank you so much!

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There is no solidity property? Would I have to smart edit that? then again solidity doesn’t matter much, the guns will be in a case but the weapon be un-grabbable, correct?

I bet a prop_dynamic with physics and such disabled would work as well.

It would be cheaper to have them without physics. I’ll check what the value is.

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Well apparently you can’t disable physics on a prop_physics. It doesn’t really matter.

Alright… also do you happen to know how to give a person a weapon by simply walking through a trigger? I know theres an entity “game_player_equip” but I’m not really sure how to work it.

I’ve never mapped for CS:S, but you could use a point_template to spawn a weapon where the player is.

game_player_equip will only change the weapons the players will start with. If you tick off Smart-edit you can add for ex. weapon_knife with value 1 and they will only spawn with a knife, so without a pistol.

Here’s how to make a trigger spawn a weapon, it’s very easy (I just made one a week ago for a surf map aswell!):

Place a weapon_ entity where you want the weapon the spawn. Give it a name. For ex. deagle.
Go to the entity tool on the left and place a point_template near the trigger
Give it a name for ex. deaglespawner. In template 01 put the name of the weapon, deagle.
Now place a box in the map with the trigger texture where you want the player to touch it to spawn the weapon.
Select it and press Ctrl+T, and make it a trigger_multiple. Hit apply. Change some properties for ex. reset time. Go to the inputs tab and add a new input, you can choose some options, select OnTrigger and in the next one ForceSpawn. And you need to choose the entity you select the point_template which is called deaglespawner in this case.
That’s about it. You can do the same thing with a button. Make a block and make it func_button and go to the input tab and add an input there you’ll figure it out!

I may have forgotten about 1 or 2 things maybe, I don’t have hammer here on this pc so I can’t check it. But it should be right.


Also, (If it’s still possible) you can change the ammo in the weapon_ entity, if you tick off smart-edit again you can add ammo and a value with the amount of bullets in it.)