Non-Source mounting question.

i really want to mount this one game, but when installed, its put in steam/steamapps/common, not steam/steamapps/myusername/.

I understand i can mount games using a DLL, but some people say you cant mount common games, is it possible to mount common games, or do they lack the gcfscape, because Zeno clash is common game is, and it has a .gcf thing.

I also have some 2 questions about a mounter DLL and GCF scapes:

  1. Any suggestions about a mounter, i found one, but im not downloading it because it it makes googletoolbarnot.exe
  2. Do all games on steam have Gcfs?
  3. if 2 is false, is there a way i can find out wich games do contain GCFs?

NOTE: Im not sure if this is where i ask for addon/lua/dll for gmod help, im still unsure about where everything is in FP.

I guess you could, but the games file types would have to be the same as source to do anything.

You can, there are some addons that will mount Source engine games.
Not all Steam games have .gcf files, and I think the only way you can see if they do is to download them.