Non-Swep Weapon Models and Effects

To put it bluntly, I’m working on a large scale weapons mod and damage system that hasn’t gone public yet. I am in need of models for non-swep prop weapons and related ents, such as military-looking contraption parts, ammunition storages, robotic/computerized parts, etc. Later I will need swep models but there are lots of swep packs around, so it’s not a priority. I’m also looking for already made effects, so I’ll go ahead and throw it in this thread.

All sizes and themes are all welcome. Sci-fi, old skool, modern day, I can use it all. Bonus points for originality (aka, I’m not following the trend of using mostly replicas of real life weapons, not that I’m saying there won’t be any). All authors will receive full credit for their work.

So if you know of any models/effects packs out already, or have your own project along these lines, drop a line and I may put them to good use.