Non-Tester Contributions

Instead of kicking and screaming and demanding for a beta key, is there any way a person who isn’t one of the beta testers can make themselves useful to Rust or Facepunch? Are there any community projects that could use some help? I’ve been lurking this subforum for the last few days and feel like doing something rather than sitting around and watching all these newbies make a bad first impression of people who’ve joined Facepunch amidst the Rust popularity explosion.
I’ve seen topics of the community come up before and while I recognise this is a test where bugs are ironed out and not a game where the players are the central focus, I’m certain there are things beyond the wikia I can help to revise or contribute to. If not, I’ll try to help there and I hope I can stick around and help out elsewhere when the need arises.

If you dont have the beta key the best thing you can do is wait. oh and tell the other noobs to wait for a bloody beta key. Also good attidute man

The best way the people without keys can help with the beta testing process is to stay out of the forums, stop begging for keys, and get on with your lives. You are taking up the space where actual testers can give feedback for the game.

Not so at all, you can join in on the conversation, watch vids on the game, read the forums and wiki and get informed and then start asking questions about the game its self. Inform yourself, keep on the forums and keep an eye out for keys, it may be a while but it is a good game and worth it in the end

That’s not really contributing, like OP said he wanted to do. He wants to help out with the development of the game.

We all know that there is nothing, someone who is not actually testing, can actually do without testing. However, learning about the game and getting to know how the processes work will be very helpful once he gets access to the game. Plus personally I would rather have someone who is consistently interested in the game joining in rather than some randomer following the hype

Believe it or not, I wish to support this game as well because I see a lot of opportunity for this to be a masterpiece and I want this game to be in the best quality possible when it’s released, not because “ah wana keeey plz”

I don’t think I’d be able to contribute to the game itself, I don’t have any sort of experience in game or graphical design. I was just wondering if there were peripheral projects created by Facepunch that could use some assistance. From the looks of it, it doesn’t look like there is though so I’ll sit tight. I’m really patient when it comes to these sorts of waits.

you can contribute by coming up with GOOD ideas (i mean GOOD ideas, not things like invisible nukes which delete the map)

also, if you are of above standard intelligence, you can help find fixes to the bugs and exploits we are having. perhaps even things like mods or new textures to the game itself (if possible).

Hey guys, i would like too share one my ideas to improve the game i thing they should add some thing like a tent or maybe like new movement like in dayz they have a friendly move i also think it should be good if u could build inside the building that are already generated. Plz be award that it is just suggestions to make the game better it doesnt need to be followed.
Thx :smiley:


I think that tents lead to hoarding and ‘hanging around base’ too much…

They should make keys or something for locked chests or doors for houses. It seems people are just greifing everything. Also, how does one even get a beta key lol. Do they email it to you or something, and how do you qualify to get one lol

This isn’t a beta, it’s an alpha, and it’s closed, which means no more keys.

funny thing is some of these testers don’t infact test they play D: and don’t bother doing their role

I think they only picks some from the forums and send email that you have an key when they make more keys :slight_smile:

Keep making stuff up. They’re not making any more keys, I don’t know if they’re posting any in the gold section, though.

They could contribute cats?

Can I get chicken breast from the cats they contribute?

How many cats does FacePunch need! I can only do 40,000 at this soon of a notice but they are on there way now.

Nono its invitation only so U or ME could be invited any time!