None Half-assed Katana

Been wanting to do some coding so I decided on a Katana SWEP, problem is, that there’s no actual (none half-assed) katana w/v_models laying around. The only katana models I can dig up are extremely low poly and poorly done. The only good one I can find is the one from JailBreak: Souce, but it’s held onehanded in the player view and poorly positioned (imo).
Just need a decent katana, both the World and View models. Would love to see it being held two-handed in the view model. Don’t really care about the ornate-ness of it, just needs to be a good job done on it. Credit will be given.
Anims: Primary- Simple diagnal chop
Secondary- Long, forceful, diagnal (from the bottom right to upper left) hew/slice. Would very much enjoy having a world veiw for that one as well.


Corresponding project request:

How about Raiden’s sword from MGS4?

Please release that!

I have a decent model somewhere, as well as the creator’s email…I’ll see if he’s willing to reanim it for you. I remember when I asked for it to be ported to GMOD XD

It was made for Natural Selection Jin-Roh mod, by Obst&Gemeuse. :haw:


I would like it to be an actual katana, the more I think about it. Either traditional or something more like Rubi’s.

I also need this ‘effect’.

GordoFremen, are you going to release that Katana? or you were just mention it?
Edit: Sorry for the 5 days bump. I really like that katana.

Lol, I’m just glad the thread wasn’t forgotten. No one’s contacted me or anything about this.