None of my steam games are working

Ok every time I try to open up a game like DoD:S It goes to loading then crashes and I can’t open it up at the bottom. I have Portal, Garrysmod, Team Forrtress 2, DoD:S, and CSS. My computer is an acer Aspire laptop. Just to let you know I have steam on an external Hard drive called my passport. Plz help

How does it crash, and what does ‘I can’t open it up at the bottom’ mean?

In cant open it up at the bottom means I cant open it from the taskbar and it does not load it goes to the loading screen then goes black I think I said that.

Hang on, so you’ve been minimizing it?
(ah and laptops don’t make the best gaming platforms, i should know… I use one) >.>

oh and what about your spec?

If you are minimizing it don’t until it is finished loading
To find out what your computer specs are click start open control panel then open system just you won’t know what your graphics card is

It’s not all about GPUS, it’s the source engine, just don’t minimize it kid, or put it in windowed mode.

I’m Not minimizing it the screen just goes black and all you can see is the task bar