NonexHosting - Discounted servers for FP members!

Hi! Welcome to our thread, I’m sure a lot of you are a bit sick and tired of seeing’ these sorts of posts, but bare with me if you can’

Nonexhosting is a currently France based, brand new server hosting company, we've had quite a bit of experience through renting servers privately
for quite a while and have recently decided to go 'public'.
We don't host a lot of games, we try to keep the list minimal, since we're just a small team, it ensure's we can maintain a realistic level of time and support with existing and future
clients, our policy on server hosting is similar, we won't jam hundreds of servers onto one box, if there's not enough breathing space for each server, we will have to stop orders,
this way we can hopefully maintain a good quality and reliability for each server.
Currently we only operate in Europe and have hosting available in France, but we soon hope to be able to offer UK and US hosting as well.
So enough about me, more about you - ..or what you'll get if you choose us'
**Server Specs:**
*Location: France
OS: Windows (So you can run Clockwork on them if you want!)
Cores/Threads: 6/12
Frequency: 3.2 Ghz
Ram: 64 GB*
**Server up-link: **
*1 Gbps.*
**Server Features:**
*TCadmin control panel.
*(Optional) Auto-Backup.
Low Latency.
Automatic Setup.*
*No storage or Bandwidth limitations.*
**Facepunch Discounts**
Thanks for reading this somewhat lengthy post! As a thank-you we'd like to offer you the code:
Just enter it at the billing area to get 35% off your first month and 15% off the rest!
We hope this way you'll be able to get a taste of what we offer and saving some money on the side.
Thanks for reading!

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