Nonexistent Leaks!

Hi everyone. I’m editing downtown fiend, but whenever I compile, it tells me a leak was spotted at -3085.00 -3286.00 208.00. HOWEVER loading the pointfile the line goes right through the brush!

Screenshot time:

Any ideas fellow punchers of the face?

is it a func_detail or a brush entity?


If you’re using a brush to seal your map off from the void, it cannot be tied to an entity.

Using good old skybox textures for that. I checked around the point and none of my brushes are tied. Why does the universe hate me? lol

Your skybox must be sealed perfectly around the map. The skybox must be a world brush, not an entity (func_detail, func_brush, whatever). No entities can be outside of this brush, water, entities nor displacements seal the map.

So the displacements near the pawn shop could be causing the problem?

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Oh no wait the tunnel is a func_detail that makes sense. Let me change it and see if it works!

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Alright it fixed that leak … now to fix the others.

So many func_details trying to seal off the void. Thanks

Before you kill off all your entities, remember that the compiler uses the entities to detect leaks. If you have a skybox surrounding your map made from world brushes, then you will not get leak errors. If you destroy an entity reporting a leak, it will move to the next one, and the next, and so on.

Alright everything is working now thanks everyone!

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