Nonexistent performance boost of LOD objects is not worth the invisible wall exploit that followed.

I didn’t even get anywhere near a 5 fps boost ever since this was implemented, especially entering valleys with those 6+ story rock forts.

Finding out where Toolsheds, Boxes, and Sleeping bags are located is as easy as taking a few steps away from the structure.

I feel like this needs to be completed removed until this isn’t an issue. It was a fantastic thing when 3rd person was temporarily removed for the same exact reasons that is currently present in this new system.

They haven’t even done all the lod’s for all the building parts yet though.

I think that’s the point Malexion. They should have done the LODs for all the parts before rolling this out.

I think that bad burger may have affected more than just Garry’s gastrointestinal tract on Thursday, because this is just a ridiculous hole they’ve left in the game and they were aware of it before launch.

This and the new supersonic stealth cargo plane were 2 really horrible ideas.

I played all day yesterday and didn’t see this glitch, care to explain? Is it just a rendering issue where walls don’t pop up a certain distance away from a base?

Edit: Nevermind, didn’t see the thread about it, that’s lame lol.

LOD objects is not a horrible idea in the slightest, it’s just not implemented fully/correctly.

That was my point. It’s great idea, but releasing it half done opens up a huge exploit. Essentially the same type of exploit that caused 3rd person view to be removed.

I agree they need to disable this until they have all the LOD’s done and ready to test.