Noob Friendly - 1/2 Craft/PVP/Sleepers - Cheating Admins

Don’t waste your time on this server, Noob Friendly - 1/2 Craft/PVP/Sleepers

iRage the admin uses god mode after losing fights and failing his raid, they tried to raid my base and me and blitz eventually killed all of them and when he came back I hit him 16 times while he was c4ing my base and he wouldn’t die and blitz swore he hit him like 10 times in a previous fight not to mention they probably just gave them the c4 and gear because there god awful at the game. I should have recorded it I literly destroyed them all in my base and then this admin takes 16 shots and multiple headshots while standing still trying to place c4

Stay away from this server if your smart this kids a loser and admitted using god mode also called me a hacker multiple times.

(User was banned for this post ("read the sticky, missed the servers subforum" - postal))