Noob Friendly!Active Admin![US][Meltd0wn]Wipe1/15 Rust++[1/2Craft]PvP|ZERO admin abuse

Meltd0wn 200 man server!
[US][Meltd0wn]Wipe1/20 Rust++[1/2Craft]PvP|No Craftable C4
Press F1 Then Type: net.connect
Wiped 1/15/14


Rare Military Spawns! – Made it so all military weapons and blueprints are more rare!

Door Sharing! – Just type “/share” then the players name! All your doors are now shared! – To remove players from doors type /unshare player name! – /share mantits /unshare mantits

Starter kits! – Just type “/starter” and a few starter items will appear in your inventory!

Help! – Just type “/help” to see all commands!

1/2 Craft! – PVP! – Sleepers! – 30 Man Airdrop! – Noob Friendly!

Air Drop! – Added a rare chance to get a Smoke Signal from zombies!

No Hacking! – Zero Admin Abuse! – Have Fun!

Great ping,lag free,and outstanding admins.

Very friendly community!!

We have a great community! come on in and give us a try!

Great community. Very helpful players and wonderful friendly admin.

Wiped the server today for a fresh start! come check us out!