[Noob Friendly] Active Admins - Airdrops - PVP - DDoS Protection - & More! -Samurai-

100 Slot Los Angeles based + special DDoS protection + Cheatpunch

Brand new server hosted by veterans of the game looking create a friendly environment for all. We would like to invite hardcore aimstars who are able to constantly kill as well as newcomers who need a friendly place to start out.

50% durability!

Griefing is allowed to an extent, but we do help with degriefing. We believe that being able to defend your fort is a part of the game and thus will aid with the aftermath.

No hackers allowed whatsoever and any accusation will be reviewed immediately. Admins are usually on for a rotation of 24/7 hours a day maybe skip a few hours in a day. Very active nonetheless.

Group play is welcomed as the hosting group consists of deadly shooters.

There will be an Arena right away. Rewards will also be given to winners regularly during Arenas.


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i see people are joining and would like to say thanks and welcome to all!

come stop by, thanks to everyone that’s come in and played with us so far!