Noob Friendly | InstaCraft | No Sleepers | Door Sharing | Active and Fair Admins |



  • 100 slots
  • PVP
  • No Sleepers
  • Instant Crafting Speed
  • Door Share
  • Starter Kit (pants and food)
  • Air drops at 10 players
  • Speech carry distance doubled
  • FPS mods available
  • 3 teleports per day (coming soon)
  • Server wiping on required updates only.
  • Help system in place with direct line to admins (type in /help)

We are a new server as of 02/03/14 and are looking for some people to help populate our island. We like to have fun, we are fair and honest admins, and will only wipe the server when it is required for running game updates. PVP and trash talking is ok and expected, but excessive griefing or abuse is not.

Once we get a good following of players, expect to see things like raffles, contests, bounties and other reward systems in place. We may even have a few stocked starter shacks peppered across the map for your scavenging pleasure. We’re all here to have fun. If you have comments, suggestions or complaints, we’re here to listen.

Remember, every server starts off with low populations, this simply means more resources for you to gather so you can gain your corner of the world faster.