Noob Friendly Oxide Mod pvp/instacraft/airdrops wiped 1/13

Do not join this server. The admins are abusing by spawning c4 and killing any legitimate player with their “uber stick” and then ban you if you kill them. It was a fun server til they started abusing their rights. The admin who abuses his power goes by the name of NUS Smoke. Fair warning to all.

I highly suggest you do not go to this server. This is my first complaint thread out of any server just because of how dicked I was during my experience in this server. They also accept donations of $5 for 2 supply signals… They actually found a way to make it a pay to win server.

Never posted on forums before, but had to about this server. Admins play as regular players and spawn loot for themselves. I ran in during one of their raids on a large building and killed them all, the loot they had on themselves was unreal and by no way should be used by the admins. Before I could even get the loot from the building, the admins teleported back to the base with god mode and admin sticks and broke every loot crate and started to tear down the building. My friend argued with them and they banned him. These are some of the most abusive admins I have encountered and along with the pay to win and mass airdrops, I highly recommend that you stay away from this server.