Noob Friendly - PVP/1/2 Craft

Raidcraft: Sleep-PVP-1/2Craft

Hi guys,

New server. Started up today. Very noob friendly. If you need help, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

PvP is enabled. Trust no one, or trust everyone. The choice is up to you.

Raiding is acceptable.

Half Craft enabled.

Come say Hi!

It was nice to spawn in and not die instantly that’s for sure

i was banned from your server for no reason but i’m pretty sure that i was getting hacked and the hacker got me banned because i was offline at the time and i would to see how i could be unbanned

Hi there,

I’ll look into it. I haven’t really been on the server much, so I’m not sure about this.

Do you remember what you were doing when you were banned?

I unbanned you. There are 4 other users on and have been on for a few hours. Neither noticed any unusual activity.

Are you sure you weren’t just kicked? I DID have enforce.truth set to true, which kicks people for “weird” or “unusual” activity.

Amazing Server… However can you please restart it?

Helk has stated on his twitter that the authentication Bug has been fixed but servers need to restart for people to join.

Well the Rust Twitter says to restart… not sure if thats the only issue tho

Hi guys,

Server name changed to “Sleep-PVP-1/2Craft

[editline]20th December 2013[/editline]

Sorry about that. I don’t seem to get emails when a reply is made. The server has been restarted. I also have set up a scheduled restart to begin at 2am every day for server stability.

I’m just gonna leave this here…

This server has horrible admins. Just watch the video and see for yourself. The abuse is just crazy! I will not stand for servers like this and this server is going down.

Look at what kind of guy you just lost here from your server! Somebody that could have promoted it and gotten more players on for you but you guys just had to ruin it. Nice buddy.

That server is NOT my server, actually. That is another server with a similar name. Just sayin. My server never gets that many users on it. Please, delete that post and post about it on the correct forum thread. Thanks.

Here’s some proof. The highlighted server is mine. The server names are obviously NOT the same and are different.

Also, I’m aware that the thread may possibly still be called “Noob Friendly - PVP/1/2 Craft” for some reason, even AFTER changing it to “Sleep-PVP-1/2Craft