Noob Guide - Quick Easy Steps To Get Started....

I’ve played and died…a lot :slight_smile: I’ve found these steps to be the easiest way to get some footing in a new area. Feel free to add comments and what has worked for you. I’m just trying to get some info out there for the total noob who keeps getting face rolled.

The game has a wicked steep entry wall but with a little know-how it’s really not to bad.

Simple steps to making camp…

-Gather some wood and stones to make a hatchet
-Gather some more wood to make a shelter and camp fire
-Gather some cloth to make a sleeping bag
-Find a boar or chicken to get some food (you’ll be getting hungry by now)
-Make a bow and arrows
-Keep gathering and make a work bench, storage box, furnace
-Make a metal door
-Blow the wood door off your shelter (do this really late at night when it’s pitch black outside, it’ll seriously reduce the chance of someone walking by while you’re waiting for the door placement cool down to expire, 2-7 minutes)
-Start to farm mats to build a better base

You may need to gather food sooner than this depending on how the resources are in your area. But one stack of wood should be enough to build a shelter and put a wood door on it.

Rinse repeat.

Be prepared to die, it happens and it happens often.

I always gather for 5-10 mins then go drop my stuff off…when you return home try to make sure no one is following you. A base is hard to hide, but your first small shelter is very easy to tuck away.

If you want to join a higher pop server, wait until late at night when server pops drop. It’s the easiest way to claim some land without being shot in the face every 2 minutes.

Why put a metal door on a wood shelter?

Step 1 - memorize the map. The game is way easier that way.

And never put a metal door on a shelter. If I see that I have a hard time not knocking down the shelter and taking everything inside. Best way is to see if you can find a decaying building you can squat in. You save lots of resources that way when your just starting out.

Because a Metal door requires explosives to destroy. A wood door can be taken down with a pick axe in 50 swings

Food should be the first priority no matter what, especially if you’re approaching dusk. If you see harvest node along the way that’s cool, but kill something first. Kill a couple somethings to collect cloth you’ll need for a bow and sleeping bag and arrows.

His point is that you can ignore the door and just break down the shelter itself with a regular old melee tool.

You can knock down the whole shelter with a pick ax (or even a rock) so the door is useless.

Exactly, all you are doing is inviting people to break down your shack. If someone wants in your shelter it doesn’t matter what door you use so don’t waste the materials. Just play for a bit and start making 1x1 buildings with doors at two ends that allow you to expand, that is what has worked best for me and I imagine many others.

I agree with this 100% I won’t even start to think about gathering resources until I’ve found some food first. You burn through your energy faster when gathering, so you should be ready to replenish it rather than burn energy and then go looking for food… typically, that’s a quick way to starvation.

I don’t like these tutorials. There are far too many ways to play this game, and far too many ways to start the game. Now, add in all the variables of having other live players doing whatever they want, and there are just too many options.

My #1 tip to beginners - play the game however you want for the first 5 hours. Run around, try to craft, try to kill animals, and expect to be ganked over and over and over.

When I first started, I tried too ahrd to get a shelter set-up and hoard as many resources as possible, only to keep getting killed and having all my gear stolen.

Play the game and expect to die. Get used to the mechanics and the map. Learn where good base locations are, and are not. And THEN start playing the game.

set a base in a mountain, near a rad town.
so you can get resouces faster( the hard to get), and starting researching some materials so when you die, that time was not in vain

I use totally different start:
On spawn run to nearest rad town with hope of finding tinned food and some weapons/research kits.
There is a good chance to get killed but as a fresh spawn it doesnt matter. A successful start means i looted a couple of rad towns, got a weapon, some food and stuff to research.
Then run to the mountains, hide a storage box with a sleeping bag, unload the inventory into storage box and go collect mats for 1x1 house.
Only when i have enough mats for 1x1 house, metal door and furnace do i start building.

If this is your way of playing then by all means do so,however…The key (imho) is “survival”.
The key to these “tutorials” are to give new players tips to doing just that.Survive.
It is left up to those who experienced continual death after death when they first started. These are merely lessons we have all learned.
For me, it was aggravating and nearly ended up rage quitting. But, I didnt…I stayed with it and I tell you now I wish I would have had a solid guide to the most “efficient” way to starting off in rust.
Now, I dont die nearly as much (maybe once a week due to my own stupidity or server wipe) and I follow a strict pattern.
To me, the game requires you to survive sure…but getting to a point where I dont have concerns of dying and as fast a route getting there…well, these tutorials could assist someone in a big way.

Best way to play: If you just started and you want to experience it on your own, join a low populated server.

If you’re new to this game and you get shot over and over then your whole experience is ruined.

Good luck.

Maybe I’ve gotten extremely lucky but the few times I put a wood door on my shelter I was broken into the same day/night. When I use a metal one it stands for days…again I could just be super lucky, I dunno.