Noob here, need a project.

So yeah, I’m not too adequate in the style of contraption making you guys do and I need some practice. Problem is I don’t know what to do.

So yeah, can anyone gimme an idea for a noob friendly yet challenging contraption? Something for me to broaden my horizons and test my skills?

I’m pretty good at posing, I don’t know what parenting is, I’m adequate with regular wire (gates) but not with expression2.

I don’t have too much free time until the weekend so I’ll let this thread stew for a couple of days.

Rube Goldberg machine

Go to the Wood is back in Town, Baby! thread, get some inspiration real quick, and make something for woodwars.

When you get a friend to do it too it makes it way more gratifying

Large hardon collider.


make an awesome anti-zombie base,its good for beginners,use phx

Make a boat, they’re pretty easy

Ew no. OP looks as if he’s already a somewhat decent builder and should be doing contraptions not some generic fort.

I don’t have the patience or the ingenuity for a Rube Goldberg, and I’ve already made a PHX Base (If you need to know what it’s like it’s an 8x8x7 Cuboid thing divided into Two floors that are 2 units high, then the top floor was a hangar. I stuck a patio on the back and extended the hangar top by 1 unit. The lower floor had a 4x4 mudroom that was open.)

I’mma make a wood wars ship.

A Motorbike :smiley:

The best way to learn how too build things is look at other people’s contraptions, and gain inspiration.