noob map making help :)

Hey guys,

I am a noob on map making. Please help me. What tool do you use ? And can you guys give me an intro on map making. THANKS !!

Google is your friend not your enemy.

A few facepunch users such as myself have their own YouTube channels with tutorials on them:

There are a few other channels which I cannot remember, also I advise you not to watch a certain users tutorials, he goes by the alias of 3KliksPhillip.

Thre’s also a site called

Excellent range of tutorials there. - Best one, IMO(: “I hate reading”


“:)” is not an acceptable punctuation, for a start

[sp]im sorry im feeling very cynical this evening[/sp]

Don’t be like that Spycrabz ):

don’t use fucking carve EVER.
also never use 3kliksphilips tutorials. theyre poo.

I do find some of his tutorials to be very helpful, but to start out, use other tuts and when you know what your doing, you can look at some of his advanced lighting tuts, they helped me a lot

im sorry :3

Watch 3kliksphillip if you want. just remember to compare it to other tutorials. I mean, his tutorials are usefull, like his item spawning one. But Facepunch has a habbit of making grudges and sticking with them.

The only problem is in his early ones where he teaches some things that can be bad for optimisation.

He says in one, and i quote:

Carve is bad because you can’t resize things properly.

Carve IS bad.

But not because it makes things hard to resize.

Still, any reason to not do it is good.

I believe in telling people the right thing, rather than making up excuses.

Apple begs to differ

Yes, but when has anyone with even a small amount of sense ever listened to apple.

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Carving a quad inside a quad is fine.