Noob Mod Discussion

So, it’s been a long time since I’ve last played Garry’s Mod. I didn’t learn a whole lot about it the first time I ever played. What Mods do you recommend I download? Wire mod…?

Wire and PHX are both pretty much needed, as almost every server uses them.

Thank you, very much. Would you recommend anything else?

Really depends on what kind of guy you are. Are you a builder, poser or just a guy who plays around?

I like to play around and such but I plan on learning more about building.

For playing around, I would recommend a swep pack called Twitch Weaponry. Garry’s Bombs might be a fun pack of explosives to blow stuff up (also useful for machinimas). Dismemberment Mod or Gipsplat are both fun for blowing NPCs to tiny bits. AirVehicles includes Sakarias88’s BailOut mod (eject or jump out), a helicopter and 2 jets. All armed.

Heh. Gbombs. No server has them that has wire. Due to adv dupe glitch

Man knows stuff.

I DID :saddowns: I think you should get some Kermite packs. Also get some PHX and Wire.

Kermites’ pack is mostly a waste of space, the shotguns and pistols are decent, but not great, everything else is a bit boring. Look for the Mad Cow weapon base that Worshipper has made, they are good weapons.

ok heres a great list of building tools
No Colide Multy
Smart Snap
Easy Persion
Multi Parent
Smart Constant(small contrations only)
Weight Tool
Propeller Models
Fin 2 tool
Wire SVN(
“not needed but fun”
GCX(needs gcombat 08)
GCD(needs Gcx)

Mad Cow’s weapons are great. But it also adds some stuff that you might not want. Like whenever a ragdoll touches the ground, blood goes everywhere in that area. And it adds that realistic movement like leaning forward while you are walking forward, but when you are in a hurry to get in a vehicle, it will make the vehicle view go all spazzy.