Noob need help understanding (Installing NPCS but they turn into ragdolls)

I was basically watching all the simple videos You basically add them in and npcs blah blah. But when I go ig I find it in addons/games >garrys mod > name > model there. I wanted it as an NPC that walks around as normal?

Go to NPCs tab and search it there. If it’s not there then the ragdoll is not supposed to be NPC.

Well It was this. (Also can you edit your profile name on this site?)

It’s not an NPC, it’s just a ragdoll, it can’t be an NPC.

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( Also, no )

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( Unless you want to pay $10 )

How do you know if the content you are about to DL is an NPC or not then.

Also, on a server I play admins can make it that you can wear clothings(aka the models/ragdolls) and move around normally with normal animation and such. Do you know how? It was done on a CW New Vegas. They can easily use the ragdoll to be the playermodel aka RP’ly clothings.

PAC3 is the mod you are looking for.

For it to be an NPC, it must have lua files ( Lua script ) for the NPC.

Mm, I just wanted to test that npc as a player model and… well I’m just confused I guess I have to be taught.

That is not NPC and you won’t be able to make him NPC/use him as a player model because of skeleton difference, with a fuckton of hacking and fucking with PAC3 or/and Lua.

Is this on the Valve Biped already? If yes, I can compile it to be an NPC and playermodel.

Just look at the thing. Does it look like it has human skeleton to you?

I guess not. I can’t download things from so I have to go off the screenshot.

Why not? ARR you are pirate? :v:

I can’t log in to third-party sites with my Steam account for whatever reason. I contacted Steam support, but they just told me they don’t “offer support with third-party sites or programs.”