Noob Needs Help (Directions - Prop Hunt)

I am looking for a place where they will teach me certain codes for Prop Hunt. I will list the things I am looking to be able to do.

1.) A way to boost jump height that will not cause fall damage when the props or hunters land. Currently I have the jump power set to 600 but when they fall they take a decent chunk of damage some of the time.

2.) I need a place to find custom maps that I can run on my server.

3.) A place to find addons and how to install addons.

4.) Then I would like to know if changing the orientation of the props is an addon (I assume it is) or a code that you add in.

5.) Also, is there anything special you have to do for custom taunts or do you just drop sounds files into the taunt sound folder.

Thanks for your time, sorry I am completely new to the whole scene of gMod servers. Ran a couple MineCraft servers, never gMod. If you can ever point me to the best tutorial I would be happy.

  3. What kind of addons?
  4. Orientation? Can you please give more information on this?
  5. Copy the format of taunts already included in the gamemode. It’s not just as simple as adding a sound file in.

1.) Thank you very much, I will play around with that code and see what I can figure out.

2.) I found a guide last night about an hour or two after I posted this, but thank you very much.

3.) Well, I am looking for like point shop, things to go into the point shop, how to give out point depending how long they have played, things like that.

4.) Some servers you are capable changing what way the prop is facing and lock the prop in that position so it make it look more natural or so it blends in better.

5.) I tried finding the Taunt folder and had 0 luck finding it. I mean I tore apart the server folder (not literally) looking for it and could not find it.

  1. What specifically do you want to add? Just copy the format of the default items and replace it with what model/weapon/trail-material you want to use. If you want to unlock items by playtime, in the OnBuy function, return false if playtime is less than what you want. This is assuming you already have an addon that tracks playtime.

  2. I don’t know much about prop hunt and how it controls prop. Can you please link me to the gamemode you’re using?

  3. Refer to 4.

3.) I have nothing that tracks playtime yet. Do they have one that you can add to the server from Workshop, or is that something I have to find code to put into it.


  1. I think ULX has something that can track it, otherwise, you’ll have to find an addon that can create a database to do this.
  1. Here comes the biggest noob question I could possibly ask. How do I add ULX to the server?


Directory will look like this when you’ve put it in: garrysmod/addons/ulx/lua
I’m not sure the playtime counter comes with ULX by default, so you might want to try the ULX forums.

It’s called utime, it’s on the ulysees release forums

Okay, and will you be able to see if you can find where the taunts are, because I feel like I am just over looking it or I am just dumb.


This is very informative however the issue with the taunts was never answered. I am having an issue with adding custom taunts. I have added .wav files to the server’s garrysmod/sound/taunts folder and also edited the gamemodes/prop_hunt/gamemodes/sh_config.lua file to read:

// Sound files hunters can taunt with
// You need at least 2 files listed here


However. I noticed when adding the sound clips to the server file that the default taunts werent even in this folder. I looked all over and could not find a taunts folder or the original taunts.
The server downloads the sounds when joining, however, no taunts are played (heard) by the hunters team.

Help Please and Thank you.