Noob Player want to share some quick wins for rust

Hello all,

i only play rust till two days but i wanted to share my idea`s about quick wins - maybe some developer is interested :wink:

  • I have “lags” - i`m not sure why i have this fps drops because i my pc is not a old one and the fps drops comes only every 2 minutes for 2 seconds or something like that. Please fit it and give me the option to display my latency and fps permantly to the screen and not that i need to click F2

  • please implement “autorun” ! like a key “+”

  • please add a button like “build” or “create” so that if i click on a item i need to click on the button and the item dont build instantly

  • please add a description to the items

  • if i write a long text in chat it will be shortend… please add a limit to my value what can i enter… i dont want to write a text and then no one can read it because you delete the half text

  • many people from other countries playing the games and dont can write in english or dont want it - maybe you can implement a translate option which everyone can configure to set it on or not?

  • please implement a map… maybe with a coordinate system? A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, B1, B2, B3…

  • please add groups (maybe the name of the guys in the group will be blue and you can see it the complete time and not only if they is very near to you) / clans (tag and banner?)

  • protect the sleeping bag to be renamed or something like that from other persons - they should can only destroy them

  • why your options or on f2 ? :smiley: … maybe new player would like to have a menu which they get if they hit “esc” and they can configure it over the main menu


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if u agree - please do a + and/or agree in the topic

first - Latency is not shown, but you can see fps with the steam fps overlay it has.
second - Keep shift press for 3 sec and let go.
third - Why put a button? just don’t click the damn thing.
4th - they already fighting with the first problem.
5th - valid.
6th Why do that? Maybe others don’t know english. And how its gonna work? Databases much? (this is not google chrome)
7th - modded server have a map.
8th - There will be colors for every piece of clothing.
9th - Hmm its funnier when you raid someone and change their sleeping bag.
10th - Esc, f2 same shit i guess they will change it.

  1. can also bind both run and forward to the w key to always run.
  2. they are adding descriptions as they go. some have, some don’t.
  3. nah, funny to see the names some people come up with. and besides, they are actually destroyed less so that players get to see the funny names they have come up with. i’d rather that:)
  4. redundant really. either way the menu is there.
  1. What they really need Is a cancel option for objects being built(not the ones after it in queue).
  • Why i need a steam overlay? Why u dont want to see fps and latency in the game?

  • This is not autorun … i still need to press my forward button… I want to press “+” and then no button on my keyboard and my character should run straight forward

  • Because if i want to see what the item is and read the description i need to click on it and then it will be build. I need a build button.

  • Great that modded servers have a map but i think the official servers should get a map too

steam has a built in fps counter. it’s not just in the overlay, its active all the time when you turn it on. rust has an fps counter in f2, but it was causing some lag. besides, it really doesn’t matter a whole heap what your fps is; either you can play or you can’t, the numbers are beside the point.

as for auto run, i’m not sure rust is for you if you want to continue moving without having your hands on the keyboard; you need to be paying more attention than that.

Hm - u guys like pain and that things not working mh? Funny community here xD

After your comments i still think that all my points make sense… Anyway :slight_smile:

ok… maybe u dont like autorun but then you should remove many other things too and make it harder so that no one want to play that game :wink:

This game is already too easy. Your suggestions only cater to lazy scrubs.

As said before there is “autorun”. Hold the sprint key for a few seconds and let go and you will keep sprinting untill you stop again.

U can put on this key a beer so u dont need to hold that key.
Also u can hire a guy who ll play for you.
Who needs description rofl after 3 days i know much more about stuff in this game than ‘description guys’ - useless thing to write ‘this is a revolver, u can kill anotyer player, be careful’ -rofl i know who made revolver, u wont tell me anything new about it… Also with other items, yea baby i need to read what the fc for is bow, pls tell me how to use a bow, should i throw it on the ground then jump at and dance ‘bowdancing’ ?

Sectors on map, in legacy u had sectors… Every sector of map were name, portugal, big/small rad, hangar etc.
Now we got random maps, everyone is difrent than another, same things in other locations, so u need to ask your server friends about a map.
Gl hf

To cancel a item-craft, use right click.
Maps are available at