Noob posing! - Not so tough guy meets zombies

REMEMBER, I am a noob, I am just having some fun so don’t flame me because the posing sucks or the scene is cliche, I don’t care.

And sorry for the top part with the “welcome toblahblah” I didn’t realise that was up there when I uploaded it to photobucket…

very little population for such a big town.

Just because you’re terrible at posing, doesn’t mean you should post it. This is a serious screenshot section (mostly), and so you shouldn’t post things on a whim. You should think about whether your screenshot is a slightly decent one, or at least critqueable. This screenshot is definitely not worth posting. It looks like you just took some zombies, and posed them in slightly menacing positions. You didn’t even take into account whether the zombies would fall over in the positions they’re in. And the “explosions” are just effects you found randomly in the special effects spawnlist.

Welcome to tactical engineering and construction. Be nice!

THat’s all I have to say