Noob Question. Laugh With Me.

GMod has been working decently for me. The only thing I can’t figure out, is there anyway to delete objects with the PhysGun? Thanks.

did you install it in addons or somwere els?

Try Scrolling, then clicking. If its a conflicting addon, try pressing “1” on the keyboard, then click that may solve it.

@Oog It worked. Thanks.
New question.
Is there anyway to delete objects with the PhysGun?

You can’t delete objects with the physgun.
You CAN, however, delete objects with the remover tool, in the Q menu.
Or, you could use the console command ‘ent_remove’ while looking at the object you want gone, but you’d need to have sv_cheats on, and admin on a server, so it only would really work in singleplayer. Not only that, but the console command is highly impractical.

Use the remover tool.

if thets the last thing you spawned you can delit it with Z key

Remover Tool.