Noob Question - Low Rad City

So people have been telling me a good way to find loot when you start out is to go here, but I am not sure how to locate it, as everything looks similar in Rust. Do I follow the road untill I get there?

Said city:

Note, when posting a video 10 minutes long, and YOU want help. You should atleast do the work of finding out how long in the video it is shown. Instead of having us do that.

Nevertheless just follow the road, get used to the map. And within a few hours you should recognize most landmarks. Youll get there eventually.

Ah, my favourite city. If you look at the newmap on the wiki, you will find it in square Q10.

walk along the road until you find the two gas tanks that look like they can be hooked up to a truck. If they are on your right side, keep going a little longer. if they are on your left, you would have walked right through the town. The road goes through the center of the town, so its hard to miss.