Noob Question of the Day: Opening the Console

Hey, I’m new to Garry’s mod and everything seems to run smoother if I just could figure out how to open the cosole. But…how do I do that? Please, take pity on me, I’m new.

Edit: I got the Console to open now. Thanx guys for helping me. The thread is no longer open.

Go to advanced options in the options menu and check enable developer console, then hit ~ (shift + `) to open it.

Okay, I’ll try it out now.

I’m not sure but do you mean the one you open by pressing “Q”?

go in garrysmod/garrysmod/cfg/config.cfg and copy and paste whats in it to us on forum


It’s k guys, I got it to open. Thanks for the help. Closing thread.

I don’t think you can close your own threads.

You don’t need to hold shift.

Oh yeah I forgot that you’re actually pressing `.