(Noob question) understanding player model texturing

Hey guys! I just got into modeling(using blender) and i have learned about compiling and getting the model into gmod and all that. Ive been making props and now i want to try to make my first player model. Im pretty sure i can make the model it self and i know how to set the bones but the thing that confuses me and i have no idea what to do is texturing. When i open some ones model in blender its just all white. Then i open the vmt file and the head or coat is in there but its on a 2d image file and looks really bad. So how does the model maker know what its going to look like from looking at this 2d blury image to the 3d perfect textured looking model?

Heyo, I just recently released a tutorial on playermodel making with blender on my Youtube channel. Click the Youtube icon below my icon on the left, should be the first video. Run through the video and if you run into troubles feel free to PM me, leave a comment on the video or add me on Steam (but please leave a comment on my profile)

thanks! i watched the entire video and it was helpful. but i still don’t understand how you just dragged in the png file and it textured the model in all the right spots. i can find tutorials for modeling and everything except for people drawing and putting on the textures then putting them all into one 2D png or vtf file.

Did you make the model yourself? In that case, you might wanna look into UV Mapping tutorials.
If you didn’t make the model, could you restate the question? I’m a bit confused what it is that you’re saying.

I want to learn how to make a model from scratch. I have learned how to model in blender. How to export to gmod. How to set the bones and weight(from your video). But i have no idea what to do for the last step of making my all white player model textured in blender. Right now its just all white. Do you know the steps for texturing the model?

Yes, you might want to look into UV Mapping tutorials. UV mapping is one of my weakspots, so I might not be the most fit to explain the process to you.

The reason why when I dragged the png into blender the textures were perfectly aligned was because the model was already UV Mapped. UV mapping is the process of telling the game/modelling program how to apply a texture onto a model. If you’ve ever heard of Pepakura, it’s something similar. What the program does is it flattens the model, and then on a flat image it projects specific pixels onto the face of the model.

Here’s a visual representation of what I mean:


Here’s a good one I reccomend. Eventually when I get better at it, I’ll make my own set of basic Blender tutorials directly connected to the source engine.

Yes this! Thanks!