Noob question

How do you set up hammer for gmod and be able to place css props in the map

Read the sticky!

Do I have to copy all of my CSS and GMod content into the HL2:EP2 folder? Cus that’d take forever

it wouldn’t take any longer than say… 5 minutes tops

Do I get the CSS content from the .gfc content file?

I saw another way, which was to create my own configuration, so I loaded all of the .fgd files into it with right settings and it only loaded GMod and HL2 stuff

yeah, you would create the custom configuration (make sure it is under the OB engine) then copy all the CS:S content from the counter-strike source.gcf file to the garrysmod folder (or whichever configuration you are using)


Don’t use GMod SDK. Use Ep2.