noob question

I am quite new to hammer (i’ve had it a few days), although, i must query how do i create diagonal lines? all i seem to be able to do is create simple 6 sided blocks

You use the vertex manipulation tool.

Or a more sloppy way, you can simply click the brush 1 or 2 times until circles appear on the corners allowing you to rotate it. ( I don’t advise this unless the situation calls for it. )

Click on a brush (in the grid area) until there are 4 white squares around it like this:

Then drag the squares around:


Or use the vertex as mentioned. Both methods work.

This is incredibly stupid of me to say but I never knew you could do this, but then again I’m an amatuer mapper myself and usually only know the basics of what a tool can do. :v:

The more you know!

great thanks, uh just one question, how does the vertex tool work please?


thanks for the help though

The vertex tool allows you to move the corners of a brush. Do keep the brush hull though! Do not make it concave, or else it will either dissapear, or your map will not compile.

The clipping tool also allows you to make diagonal lines, by slicing the brush block along an axis.

Yeah and if you’re not entirely sure if you messed up on a vertex manipulated brush just hit Alt + P and it will usually say " Invalid solid structure " or " Texture axis perpendicular to face ".

And I’m sure you knew this already but Alt + P is the error checking menu :v:

thanks so much for teh help everyone