hey there, its the Gmod biggest noob talking!

im very new to Gmod and i got it only a week ago. now i have this wire mod and i was building some stuff i found on the Gmods wiki. about a hour ago i got this idea for a cool RP security system, everything was fine until i came to this point: how do i make a toggle system? i mean, for example: there is ranger connected to a system that outputs "1" when an object touches the rangers beam, and “0” when not. but i want to make, for example, a light that turns on when an object touches the ranger`s beam, but even when the object moves away, the light keeps on working.

how do i do this?h

OK. Wire you say? Well, if you have a lamp, then just… A button? It would be way easier.


i want this to be a security system

I think there might be a toggle option on the Ranger, but I’m not sure.

I remember having a base like that (except it was an alarm, and it wouldn’t stop until you pushed a reset button).

I’f I still have the base, I’ll check how I set stuff up

maybe it is something to do with chips?

Wire ranger.
lessthan gate.
Constant Value.

Assuming your ranger goes in like a doorway or something then tick ignore world and set the distance like 100. Wire your less than A to ranger and less than B to a constant value of 99. Then wire your light/lamp/whatever to the less than gate.

im sure this isnt excactly your problem but it should help out a bit :slight_smile:

thanks but… the problem is how do i make this light KEEP ON WORKING